Building Management Systems - A trick often missed

Everyone knows about the savings that LED lighting can realise in office developments. These are simple to manage and undertake.

What is often ignored is optimising building management systems. Compared to LED replacement programmes, BMS refurbishment offers many advantages:

  • Lower investment, great ROI and short payback
  • Substantial cost savings in energy AND maintenance
  • Easily demonstrable energy efficiency
  • Lower disruption to your business activities
  • Opens the doors to many other benefits, such as improved monitoring of critical assets

Public & Private Building Operators

An opportunity to make ongoing cost savings

Public & Private Transformation

Hurtwood has a successful track record of working with private and public sector building operators.

From universities to hospitals, from private sector offices to prestigious museums, art galleries and botanical institutes - Hurtwood has helped transform energy-wasting buildings by reducing energy consumption and realising significant cost-savings across both public & private sectors.

Low-cost investment

The refurbishment of a BMS can be a relatively low-cost investment, with minimal disruption and a great ROI.

It can ensure that the existing heating and ventilation plant to be used more smartly, without the need for expensive upgrades.

The BMS itself can be refurbished by the retrofit of new input/output modules to the existing infrastructure, optimising it for many years to come, reducing energy consumption and saving money.

Demonstrable Savings

The controls become intuitive and easy for all staff to use - thereby increasing the quality of the built environment.

The new BMS will ensure accurate measurement and verification - important for those who have to achieve and demonstrate sustainability.

The first step to achieving cost savings starts with getting an initial free expert consultation. Contact Kevin Williams today on +44 (0)1249 248 117 or email

Property Management Agents

An opportunity to augment your business offering - and generate additional revenue


The assessment of a client's BMS will provide opportunities to raise your offering to single-occupancy tenants.

You can present your client with an opportunity to optimise their building's energy consumption as part of your service offering.

It could be what differentiates you from your competition and demonstrates your commitment to sustainable environmental practices.


In circumstances where central services are provided for multiple occupants, additional revenues can be generated from reducing energy costs.

With a fully-optimised BMS providing cost savings, the service charges can generate additional profits, even if the charges are maintained at current levels.

Again, this can help to demonstrate your commitment to sustainable energy practices

Find out more about it

The first step is to find out more by accepting the invitation to tour a major office development that has benefitted from Hurtwood's BMS retrofit solution.

Meet Kevin Williams and hear first hand what was achieved for a very modest outlay.

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BMS Operators, Engineers & Installers

Services & Products Covering a wide range of controls and mechanical services

Optimising Systems

Hurtwood's wealth of experience of the BMS industry means we can analyse most systems and understand howenergy use can be reduced.

We can assess how to make best use of the system, not only for controlling the building services effectively and efficiently, but also to monitor statutory, H&S, and other requirements - such as emergency lighting, domestic hot water and life safety systems such as fire dampers.

Integration Services

As well as offering complete new controls solutions, we can investigate and assist with integrating packaged items of plant into the BMS such as air handling units and Biomass boilers of Binder, KWB and Froling manufacture.

We can help you eliminate proprietary control systems such as Menerga and Swegon, rationalising your control systems and streamlining maintenance. We also offer a panel design service and can supply panels through our sub-contract panel workshop.


Our Retrofit input and output products were designed to speed the changeover from many older BMSs, such as Satchwell and Staefa, to a new system, saving time and cost. We also manufacture retrofit immersion sensors and controller boards for older damper actuators that used proprietary protocols.

We also manufacture a range of combined temperature & presence detection sensors, both wired and wireless based.

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About Hurtwood

Hurtwood are one of the foremost experts on building management system strategy, helping clients to navigate through the complexities of refurbishing often obsolete BMS.


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