Why your BMS is costing you

Obsolete BMS

The average BMS is effectively obsolete. Outdated software, commissioning faults and poor controls lead to wasted energy and excessive energy bills. It's easily fixed.

The BMS Industry

The big names don't care if you are wasting energy. When you ask for help, you will often get sent a sales-person. You deserve better.

Energy is Changing

While efficiency is still the number one priority, opportunities are emerging to further cut costs through intelligent demand management to fit the UK's changing generation mix.

How Hurtwood provides Benefits

The process is simple. We inspect the system and seek to answer these questions:

Is the Plant fully improved?

Can it be utilised better?

Is the BMS up to the job?

Or is it outdated or obsolete?

Are the controls intuitive, easy to use and optimised to save energy?

Based on our inspection, we can suggest a plan to modernise your BMS in a way that gives you the following benefits:

Cost Savings

Because existing plant control is optimised and the innovative retrofit solutions are relatively inexpensive to install, cost savings are both immediate and substantial - as much as 50% on energy bills.

These cost savings can have an significant impact upon operating budgets and they are repeated year on year.

You can read more about these savings in our exemplar.

Short Payback Periods

Unlike the considerable investment required to change to LED lighting, our innovative retrofit solutions can modernise any Building Management System with much reduced initial investment, allowing for short payback periods - often within the same accounting period.

To find out more about short payback periods, read our exemplar.

Reduced Consumption

It is not unusual to find that 50% of the energy we put into our buildings is wasted. Innovative control philosophies coupled with new products can help to reduce energy consumption whilst simultaneously improving the users' environment and reducing maintenance costs.

To see what we have achieved for our clients, read our exemplar.

Demonstrable Sustainability

Our modern BMS solutions can easily measure and verify the achieved reduction in energy consumption. This ensures that all stakeholders can appreciate the positive impact upon their carbon footprint. Sustainability is not just realised, it is demonstrated.

To read more about what we can demonstrate, read our exemplar.

Modern, Easily usable Controls

Another significant benefit in upgrading your BMS using our innovative retrofit solutions, is the easy-to-use and ultra-accessible controls that any employees can use, whether maintaining the system or accessing environmental and maintenance data.

We have developed clean, intuitive interfaces that allow technicians to easily maintain the BMS and optimise its efficiency.

To see what we have achieved for our clients, read our exemplar.

Genuine Expertise

Kevin is one of the UK's foremost experts on building management systems strategy. From the start of a project, through to completion, Kevin and his team helps clients through the complexities of refurbishing often obsolete BMS. He ensures that clients derive maximum value from such an important investment.

Critical Systems

Kevin has been called in by institutions that cannot take chances with their BMS. Clients include several art galleries and Kew Gardens - it is hard to think of institutions in the UK that have a greater need to control their temperature, humidity and ventilation - and be sure that their BMS will not fail.

Personal Involvement

Kevin supports all projects and his expertise guides the recommendations and implementation. With Hurtwood, you get the best strategic mind who is capable of spotting the legacy opportunities provided by existing plant and the technical expertise to offer bespoke retrofit solutions to fully optimise your BMS.

Trusted Authority

For many of Hurtwood's clients, Kevin Williams has become the trusted authority, to whom they have returned for advice on all matters relating to their BMS. A good example of that is Bristol City Council. Kevin has overseen the refurbishment of many of Bristol's most iconic buildings.

About Hurtwood

Hurtwood are one of the foremost experts on building management system strategy, helping clients to navigate through the complexities of refurbishing often obsolete BMS.


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