The Hurtwood Philosophy

Social Enterprise

Hurtwood is a Social Enterprise Company. It believes that business can be done better - and for the benefit of all stakeholders in society - whether they are business owners, tenants, employees, council tax payers or just citizens of the wider world.

Doing it better

The big names are often letting the BMS industry down. Many of them do not care about saving energy or saving costs. We believe that our clients deserve better than this. We are committed to achieving higher standards of service for all stakeholders.

Show, not tell

We are happy to do more than just tell you. We will show you. We offer all our prospective clients a tour of one of the buildings that we have transformed. For free, of course. We believe that you deserve more than just promises.

We believe in...

  • Applying genuine strategic expertise
  • Doing what's best for all stakeholders and going the extra mile
  • Optimising for best performance, cost-savings and energy efficiency
  • Being active members of the energy & environmental community

We don't believe in...

  • Sending in salesmen or technicians
  • Doing only what works for our shareholders regardless of the outcome
  • Settling for a second rate solution, regardless of the cost to the client
  • Being motivated simply by profit regardless of the wider consequences

Kevin Williams - a 'Thought Leader' in the BMS Industry

Kevin Williams

Kevin Williams is a respected name in the BMS industry. Known for his criticism of the inertia that exists within the BMS industry, he has pioneered radical new thinking in BMS management.

He believes that for too long, many of the big names in the industry have been comfortable providing second-rate products and services. He understands the impact that this has had for building operators, for the employees and public that use them, and for the wider interests of society and the planet.

He is an active member of the Avon & Somerset Energy & Environmental Managers Group and is a visiting member at similar groups in other parts of the South-West. He regards sharing best practice as the prime method of transforming the way energy is used, protecting the environment, and providing benefits for all stakeholders.

His team of electronic and engineering experts have developed a range of cutting-edge retrofit products designed to optimise any type of BMS. For many businesses though, transformation has started with the application of his expertise in the form of consultancy. He remains in demand from organisations such as Bristol City Council and the Royal Botanic Gardens where controlling temperature and humidity are critical to maintaining their leadership in their respective fields. That same expertise, when applied to public or private complexes, can realise low-investment, ongoing costs savings for their operators. Furthermore, integrating activities and measures into an overall plan can help to address historic health and safety failings.

About Hurtwood

Hurtwood are one of the foremost experts on building management system strategy, helping clients to navigate through the complexities of refurbishing often obsolete BMS.


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