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BMS Strategy Review at Poole Hospital

Hurtwood have completed a review of the upgrade options for the obsolete BMS at Poole Hospital. The site had an ageing Sauter BMS, much of which was either obsolete or approaching obsolescence. It wasn’t felt to be serving the complex needs of the hospital. Hurtwood carried out an in-depth review of the hospitals requirements. We …

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BMS Strategy and Obsolescence Presentation

Kevin Williams of Hurtwood delivered a presentation at one of Vilnis Vesma’s energy CPD workshops. The presentation looked at the growing problem of BMS obsolescence. This arose out of the reduction in the number of suppliers and the disappearance of many unique BMS’s. Many of the the attendees had the Satchwell BAS rack mounted controls …

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A Presentation on Building Management Systems at a CPD Event organised by Vilnis Vesma

Kevin Williams from Hurtwood delivered a presentation on the topical subject of BMS obsolescence. Large numbers of organisations face BMS obsolescence as a result of the reduction in the number of suppliers and the disappearance of many well known brands. With these brands have gone many unique physical forms such as Satchwell’s racked mounted BAS systems. …

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New Hurtwood Website up and running!

The new Hurtwood website is up and running!  Watch out for news articles and blogs

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About Hurtwood

Hurtwood are one of the foremost experts on building management system strategy, helping clients to navigate through the complexities of refurbishing often obsolete BMS.


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