Satchwell BAS upgrade at the Hillview Centre

Hillview Centre – Satrofit upgrade of the Satchwell BAS heating controls

The existing Satchwell BAS 2800 BMS had failed and the heating was under no control. The BMS comprised two 96 point BAS outstations of over 120 points.  Their replacement with a new BMS panel would have been time-consuming and costly.

Hurtwood refurbished the existing 196 outstations using the Satrofit cards which plug directly into the existing racks. This saved many days of on-site panel installation work. Plugging the new cards into the racks and powering up only took a hour. We then carried out the testing of the inputs and outputs using our Satrotool software. Our free software tool allows a technician to recommission the inputs and outputs.

Satchwell BAS outstations with Satrofit cards

The recommissioning only took us a day for the two 196 outstations. A Trend IQ4 XNC controller was then installed to provide the intelligent control of the boiler plant and heating services. The IQ4 XNC communicates to the cards over the Modbus protocol.

The project only cost about 50% what a full replacement would have cost, delivering value for money. Furthermore, the money we saved on the BMS installation has been used for other repairs.  For example, we carried out repairs to all the zone valves which had failed.

The Future

Because the retrofit solution provided a considerable amount of cheap Modbus inputs and outputs, there is spare capacity in the BMS. This can be used at a later date when the organisation wishes to expand the BMS.


About Hurtwood

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