A Presentation on Building Management Systems at a CPD Event organised by Vilnis Vesma

Kevin Williams from Hurtwood delivered a presentation on the topical subject of BMS obsolescence. Large numbers of organisations face BMS obsolescence as a result of the reduction in the number of suppliers and the disappearance of many well known brands. With these brands have gone many unique physical forms such as Satchwell’s racked mounted BAS systems. Obsolescence requires a major & expensive refit which often delivers few additional benefits.   Kevin outlined how organisations can produce their own strategy. The strategy firstly identifies which elements in their existing systems can be retained. The next step identifies critical areas or areas where major energy savings can be made.  Finally, the requirements of many organisations have changed. For example, much more extensive temperature monitoring requirements. He also outlined of some of the future capabilities that will be required such as condition based maintenance and artificial intelligence. His conclusion was that new open platforms are emerging. These will significantly enhance the power of BMS, improving energy performance and maintenance productivity. Finally, the use of Modbus based flexible input/output systems and conversion software will reduce the BMS refit costs substantially.


About Hurtwood

Hurtwood are one of the foremost experts on building management system strategy, helping clients to navigate through the complexities of refurbishing often obsolete BMS.