Upgrade of the heating controls at Kingsdown Fort to a Tridium BMS.

The Kingsdown Fort building in North Bristol provides office accommodation for Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health NHS Trust. Hurtwood surveyed the building’s heating controls for the Trust and found an obsolete Satchwell 132 controller. This Satchwell controller had no display or remote access, making adjustment of the heating difficult. Hurtwood replaced the Satchwell controller with a Tridium based BMS. We also completely refurbished the motor control panel with new switches, relays and contactors. As a result, our new BMS has far more monitoring of the heating than the old Satchwell controller had and the panels life has been extended for another 30 years.

Hurtwood found the old controller only had one space sensor. Hence we installed 4 low cost LoRaWAN radio sensors linked to the Tridium system. As a result, we can now control the heating on each floor, reducing overheating on the upper floors. Hurtwood fitted one of our combined temperature and presence detection sensors in place of the original sensor. We developed this sensor to provide low cost presence detection. As a result, we can match the  heating more accurately to the buildings occupation.

Hurtwood identified in our survey that the domestic hot water calorifier was running 24 hours a day. We installed a new calorifier control panel to control and monitor the 2 immersion heaters. As a result, a considerable electricity saving has been made.

Hurtwood’s new Tridium BMS has comprehensive graphics that can now be viewed over the Trust’s IT network.


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